Bringing prosperity to
the land that
we love

Sherbro Alliance Partners (SAP) in collaboration with the government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) have crafted an innovative Public-Private Partnership (PPP) structure to bring long-term economic growth to Sherbro Island.

Sherbro Island will be developed into a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to support Sierra Leone in achieving maximum growth and to empower Sierra Leoneans in realising their own potential. 

Inspired by afro-dynamism and eco-principles, Sherbro Island City will blend Sierra Leonean culture and tradition, while safe-guarding the natural environment. This will help to create a wonderful place where people can visit, live, work, invest, study and play.

This unique Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will one day be home to a thriving economy, creating thousands of jobs, strong institutions and world-class infrastructure, powered by cutting edge green technology.