Social Impact

This project will create a legacy for the people of Sherbro and Sierra Leone. There are numerous benefits in the short, medium and long term. The prosperity generated by the Sherbro Island Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will have knock-on economic and reputational benefits for all of Sierra Leone.

Living Standards

High environmental and social living standards on Sherbro will attract young professionals, tourists and members of the diaspora in an increasingly competitive environment.

Local & National

Local and national businesses will significantly benefit from access to new capital and markets.


Communities will benefit from greater investment in healthcare, education, and infrastructure to provide elevated and more equitable employment opportunities.

Investor Interest

Increased investor interest and attention on Sherbro Island and Sierra Leone.


Protection of Sherbro Islands natural environment and culture.

Job Creation

Job creation and elevated employment opportunities.


Transforming the perception of Sierra Leone.