Mission & Values

Economic development in harmony with nature

Our mission is to build a model, afro-dynamic, eco-city on Sherbro Island.

A city that will enhance the well-being of its citizens and create jobs and opportunities through:

– Attracting investment, both within the continent and internationally;

– Modernising and creating infrastructure, with world-class urban-planning and management;

– Nurturing strategic industries: healthcare, education, tourism, and agriculture;

– Protecting the island; its natural resources, its history, and its future, for generations to come.

Sherbro Island City will promote social and cultural equity for its residents. It will incorporate elements, such as, green spaces, community gardens, renewable energy sources, eco-friendly transportation and waste management systems that prioritise recycling and reducing waste.

The city will also incorporate afrocentric cultural elements, such as architecture, art, and community spaces that reflect the heritage and traditions of its residents.

The goal of Sherbro Island City is to create a more sustainable and culturally vibrant community that prioritises the health and well-being of its residents and the planet.

Our Values

We have faith in our vision. With the creativity, ingenuity and supportiveness of people it can be accomplished.


As citizens of Sierra Leone, it is our duty to protect our land and heritage but to also assist in building the best future for the citizens of our country. 

The island is a fragile ecological and social system whose integrity and traditions will be protected, and whose residents and ancestral lands will be respected.


Good governance requires transparency, honesty, and accountability. We will act with uncompromising integrity in everything we do.


Inspired by the need for progress, the island’s unique Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will create a dynamic economy with a high level of innovation, competition, and entrepreneurship, which will lead to rapid growth and expansion. This will help to open doors for Sierra Leoneans’ where they will have access to a vibrant and dynamic business environment.