SAP team visit leading international multidisciplinary engineering consultancy Meinhardt group in Singapore

Singapore, 1 February 2020 – Co-Founder Siaka Stevens led the Sherbro Alliance Partners (SAP) team on a 3-day workshop at the Meinhardt group, a leading international multidisciplinary engineering consultancy in Singapore. The purpose of the workshop was to gain valuable insights and knowledge about the world of engineering and construction.

With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Meinhardt Group is a leading global engineering firm that specialises in a range of disciplines, including civil, structural, and environmental engineering.

During a visit to one of their workshops, the team saw first-hand the cutting-edge technologies and techniques that Meinhardt Group employs to design and construct some of the world’s most complex and impressive structures.

The team also met and learned from some of the industry’s top experts and gained insights into the latest trends and advancements in engineering and construction. Overall, the visit to the Meinhardt Group was crucial in helping the team gain a better understanding and expand their knowledge in this exciting field.